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The Open Air Museum

The capital of Syros as well as of the insular complex of the Cyclades exudes an aura of neoclassical romance harmoniously combining elements from ancient Greece and Western Europe.
Visitors are welcome to follow the narrow streets through the picturesque neighborhoods, discover images and experiences of a bygone era and encounter monuments along with neoclassical buildings from the imperious history.

From the impressive Town Hall in Miaouli square, inspired by Ernest Ziller and the palaces of Troy, the Apollon Theater which is a miniature of Scala di Milano, the mansions in the charming area of Vaporia, the municipal library and the remarkable museums of the island to the Temple of the resurrection and other beautiful Orthodox and Catholic churches, the town of Hermoupolis constitutes much more than a beautiful island capital, it constitutes an open-air museum worth exploring from side to side.It is a cosmopolitan capital with its own special character, a vibrant city buzzing with life throughout the year.

It is not a surprise that the Queen of the Cyclades stands out for its impressive architectural culture that has predetermined the unparalleled blossoming of the Cycladic civilization. The first signs of architectural growth appeared during the period 1821-1835 by refugees who settled on the island and brought along basic architectural elements influenced by the Western and Eastern civilizations as well as from classicism.
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